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U-Haul Dealer

At City-Wide Self Storage, we pride ourselves on being full-service. That’s why we’re an A-rated U-Haul dealer. No matter what you need, we’re here to help. We offer:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • U Box® Containers
  • Storage
  • Boxes, Locks, Blankets and Packing Supplies
  • Hitches & Accessories

Make Your Move Smooth

U-Haul trucks are specifically designed for household moving. This means U-Haul trucks are built lower to the ground, have rounded corners, chassis skirts, comfort cabs and a multitude of other special options to make each truck easy to load, comfortable to drive and efficient on fuel.

Safety First

When we share a moving truck with you, your safety is our priority. All U-Haul trucks 15' and larger plus the pickup truck have seat belts for three. The cargo vans and 10' truck have comfortable bucket seats with seat belts for two.

Our patented mirrors and large comfortable cabs allow for better visibility and comfort while driving.

Call us today at 727-350-3350. Let us facilitate your move!

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